Saturday, November 8, 2008

Steven Wevodau - Max Specialty Insurance Company Adds New Hampshire, is now an Eligible - PR Inside

- Stephen J. Vaccaro, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Max Specialty Insurance Company, an excess and surplus lines company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, today announced that, with the addition of New Hampshire, Max Specialty is Steven Wevodau

Until now shrinking the stomach for weight loss was done through lengthy and risky surgery, but a new procedure can do it in under an hour with no cutting. When 30-year-old Belinda Guevara's weight peaked at 217 pounds she decided to take action Steven Wevodau

The story of America has been a journey toward being a fairer and more just nation. We have encountered many barriers along the way, and at times we have stumbled. But again and again, we have come together to surmount the obstacles in our path and Steven Wevodau

WASHINGTON - Regulators shut down Houston-based Franklin Bank and Security Pacific Bank in Los Angeles on Friday, bringing the number of failures of federally insured banks this year to 19. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was appointed receiver Steven Wevodau

Unexpected illness causes 350,000 personal bankruptcies per year. Through 2007, disability caused nearly half of all mortgage foreclosures. Two-thirds of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Despite the above statistics, most families are woefully Steven Wevodau

NEW YORK ( -- The tally of failed banks in 2008 rose to 19 as the government announced that a Texas and a California bank had been shuttered Friday night. Franklin Bank, a Houston, Texas-based bank and Security Pacific Bank, a Los Steven Wevodau

- Although the U.S. life insurance industry is not as deeply impacted by the current economic crisis as other segments of the financial services industry, the interconnectedness of banks, asset managers, brokerage firms, and insurers themselves means Steven Wevodau

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